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Arrow Re: Switching from Vetsulin to NPH

I'm a very visual person, so to understand the differences with UNITS (which is the proper measurement for any insulin) and MARKS on the syringe barrel - which shows WHY you need to change syringes when you change insulins (unless you want to go through calculations), I made a series of diagrams showing how the VOLUME of fluid for Caninsulin (or Vetsulin - same stuff) is far greater for one UNIT than is the volume of insulin for NPH insulin - that would be, say, Novolin-N or Humulin-N - not the same, but very similar.

With a fair bit of time and some patience, you could browse through my rather silly stories concerning measurements of these two insulins - Vetsulin (or Caninsulin - same stuff), and Novolin-N (or Humulin-N, so similar that usually the differences are negligible).

If you actually browse through those pages in order, you SHOULD end up with a rather intuitive understanding of UNITS and VOLUME, which helps protect against accidents caused by, say, using the wrong syringes. It's possible to UNDER-dose by using U-100 syringes with U-40 insulin. But using U-40 syringes with U-100 insulin (Novolin-N, Humulin-N, or their ReliOn versions from Walmart), can easily just kill a dog - who would then be getting 2.5 times as much insulin as should be injected.

I read about some error somewhere with a recall (I think it was on this forum), where syringes were marked incorrectly; that is, a box of U-100 syringes, if I remember right, contained a number of U-40 syringes. On the surface, if you don't look closely, the two different kinds of syringes look rather similar, though when giving small doses, I'd think the caretaker would notice s/he's drawing up a LOT more insulin if using U-40 syringes when the proper syringes are U-100. But you'd only notice that if you had been using U-100 syringes for some time before; if you're NEW to the change, you might not be aware.

I think we had a situation like that here on the forum, where a vet told the caretaker s/he could use U-40 syringes with NPH (U-100) syringes. It was, I think, sometime in the past year or so that this happened.

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