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Default Re: 13 y/o westie with cushings

Hi Dee,

From what I've read, Snickers is tolerating the Lysodren, but the Lysodren is not lowering his cortisol levels. Could you please post all ACTH test results for us (with their dates)? I couldn't find this information. If you don't have them, your vet should have no problem giving you copies or faxing them to you.

I have a few more questions:
-Did you ever get a confirmation on which type of Cushing’s he has – PDH or ADH?
-If so, how was it confirmed (what test)?
Snickers is 26lbs
Loading phase – 250mg BID, 42.3 mg/kg/day
-How many days did you do the loading?
-What was the date of the last loading dose?
-What date did you do the ACTH stim test (after loading)?
-What were the ACTH stim test results?
Maintenance dose – 125mg 4x/week (500mg/week), 42.3 mg/kg/week
-How long after the loading phase did you start the maintenance dose?
-Has it always been 500 mg/week for the maintenance dose?

I'm just wondering if maybe he needs a re-load or different dosage. Hopefully, if you can get the cortisol levels under control, maybe that will reduce the skin infection occurances.