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Default Re: Mikey no longer doing well on Trilostane

Hi Dorothy,

Glad you and Mickey found us here! But wish it was with better news on Mickey.

Glynda has covered the bases expertly as always. I would like to address the melatonin dose recommended, tho. Dr O has Squirt on 3mg 2x/day and she weighs about 14lbs. I think the 5mg is too much for Mickey personally. This is from the treatment sheet provided by UTK:

"2) Melatonin. Often used as a first treatment, especially if alopecia is present, since it is cheap, has few side effects and is available in health food stores or via nutrient suppliers on the Internet.
Typically, a total dose of 3 mg is given q12hrs (BID) for dogs <30 lbs; a total dose of 6 mg is given q12hrs (BID) for dogs > 30 lbs. Regular melatonin is usually used rather than rapid release or extended release products. Melatonin has anti-gonadotropic activity (effective for ferret adrenal
disease), and it inhibits aromatase enzyme (decreases androstenedione and testosterone conversion into estradiol) and 21-hydroxylase enzyme (effectively lowers cortisol level). Monitor treatment effectiveness by improvement in clinical signs, biochemistries or by repeat of steroid profile.

You can find this sheet at:

Hope this helps.
Leslie and the girls