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Default Re: Mikey no longer doing well on Trilostane

Hi Dorothy,

Just checking in to see how Mickey is doing today.

Weight loss and inappetence are some of the problems I have with Trilo. I haven't really kept a log or anything, but it seems to me that quite a few Trilo pups develop these issues plus shaking in some. We don't use Trilo or Lyso yet, but when Squirt was first diagnosed and I started researching, Trilo was my first choice. But the more I read the less I like it. Since Squirt has been diagnosed as Atypical, Trilo is no longer an option for her, tho.

The flip side is, many pups have done well on Trilo and remained on it for the duration of their life with no or few complications. These pups are each individuals and as such will react like no other! It is good, observant parents like yourself who listen to what their pup is telling them by their behavior that make the difference. I have no doubt that Mickey is in excellent hands and that you will make the best decision for him possible.

I am curious to hear what Dr O has to say about the drop in his hormones. That is interesting.

Let us hear from you when you can,
Leslie and the girls