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From the following site for humans: (no longer available)

If you've ever hit muscle with a needle, you know the pain. If you've ever injected the right dose of insulin and still found your blood sugar sky high, you might have injected too shallowly and hit skin.

Insulin injections that are too deep or too shallow can really foul up glucose levels. For most injections, the goal is to hit the layer of fat between the skin and the muscle.

Hitting this target involves knowing the thicknesses of your own body layers, whether to pinch up or not, and which needle length to use. The medical community is finding that injection techniques play a significant role in blood sugar control.
Hitting the Fat
What's beneath the surface of your skin? The areas a needle can hit are as follows (also see Figure 1):
  • skin
  • subdermal layer (just underneath the skin)
  • fat
  • epimuscular space (just underneath the fat, on top of the muscle)
  • muscle
Very important note about where you're trying to get the insulin:

Among all people with diabetes, however, the goal is to hit the fat layer.