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Default Re: Hello! Rolo and I are new here.

Just thought I would update everyone on Rolo. She is doing well with no change in insulin. I'm giving her 35g rice with every meal, which leaves me with a tiny rise 2hrs after eating (about 20-30 points) on 0.2U NovoRapid. When she gets more reguated I might decrease the rice a bit, but it's fine for now (I l like having some wiggle room while we continue to increase the Levemir).

Blood sugars yesterday were 227 at fasting, 209 @ 5hrs, 216 @ 10hrs, but then 362 @ 12hs. I have no idea why she gets that big jump between 10 and 12 hours, and it's definitely not the first time it's happened.

She does get a small snack at 5:15 when I get home from work (tiny piece chicken jerky and a few green beans), same snack that she gets at lunch. She didn't want her green beans yesterday, so if it's anything, it's the chicken causing her to spike. Otherwise, we're just not getting 12hrs duration out of our daytime dose (though she does fine overnight and we have good morning fastings).

I'm going to do a curve on Saturday (day 5 of the same doses) and leave out her evening snack to see if it's the snack or lack of duration causing the spike. If it's the snack, she'll just have to deal with green beans only. If it's duration, I'm not going to worry too much now since she'll probably need an increase in the Levemir anyway and that might increase her duration. When she gets to the right Levemir dose, if she still has duration problems, I will move up her dinner and adjust her NovoRapid dose so the bolus covers the gap (so 7:30am: breakfast, NovoRapid, Levemir; 5:30pm: dinner, NovoRapid; 7:30pm: Levemir). Or, I could go with breakfast/NovoRapid/Levemir at 7:30am and dinner/NovoRapid/Levemir @ 6:30pm if I am getting >12hrs with the evening dose and at least 11 with the daytime.

Does that sound like reasonable plan? I'm really happy with the Levemir otherwise, I'm seeing some real consistency that we've never had before.