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Unhappy Newly diagnosed

Newbie here!

My dog 35# beagle hound mix newly diagnosed. Dr. Started at 5 iu bid and has freestyle libre on for a few days and it fell off. Readings 200-500. Put a second and third libre on for just a couple of days as he was boarded at the vet. Moved him to 7 iu in the am and said he dropped too low?? He just Did a 24 hr glucose curve and showed 250-500 yet again? He has been on novilin n for about 6 weeks and now Dr. is telling me he is not responding to novalin n vs. escalating the dose and thinking of switching to lantus with increased cost. Im seeing many post of lower weight dogs on much higher Iu of insulin, wondering if he needs 7 + ius as she never game me his low readings and she questioned if the freestyle libre was worrking correctly. Not getting much direction from the vet and i purchased glucometer and test strips to start tracking bs. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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