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Default Re: Off balance and wobbly

Our dog's blood sugar tended to drop sharply on walks. So if Oliver's blood sugar was already relatively low, he could easily be going hypoglycemic while walking and then his body releasing a sugar dump in response to the low.

Wobbly would be consistent with low blood sugar.

Testing his blood sugar yourself is definitely the way to go.

Certainly, have a blood panel done and see if something else is going on.

Still, it might not have been stress causing his blood sugar to bounce from low to high at the vet. He could be doing that every day and his walk catching him when it's low.

Are you up for testing blood sugar at home? It's more accurate doing it in his home environment and routine and you can look at patterns over a few days of curves and then we can help you adjust his regimen if needed to flatten his blood sugar curve.

If he really has neuropathy, his blood sugar would be high for long periods of time and an increase in the dose would be needed. But you can't do that until you determine where his blood sugar is going on a daily basis.

I have seen quite a few terriers who needed relatively large insulin doses for their size. 20, 20 units for 23 pound dogs. Not sure why but we have had numerous terriers need that much for good control.

So the thing is... you need to KNOW what his blood sugar is doing at home.

You can see videos of places to test at and information about testing in general and doing curves at the main website,

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