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Default Homemade dog food, NOT chicken

Oliver, 7yr old border terrier mix 28 lbs, new diabetic as of 9 months. He is allergic to chicken, it causes inflammation, ear infections, excessive paw licking and chewing, and dry , patchy hair loss. Our new vet changed his food to prescription since his triglycerides were over 4000! That’s correct! Which our vet believes was causing insulin resistance. Unregulated blood sugar from 600 to 31, that caused his blindness. We switched to Purina pro plan veterinarians ED gastrointestinal, yes it’s a chicken based food. Our vet feels the nutritional benefit out weighs the side affects of his allergy. Within a week his symptoms of imflammation started. Our vet didn’t see signs of ear infection, which he shakes and scratches his ears a lot. I’m treating the dry flaky patches and red irritated paw pads. He’s currently on apoquel for seasonal allergy’s.
I’m exploring homemade food , any info or recipes would be helpful.
Thank you!

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