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Just to let you know, Harley fought an non-healing corneal ulcer for nearly a year. My IM did say the repeated infections were definitely because of the immune suppression from the Cushing's. We finally ended up at a vet eye Dr., who diagnosed the real culprit as untreated dry eye. I still find this strange to this day as my GP vet had tested Harley for dry eye, either 2 or 3 times, & got normal results. I was standing there when they did the test a the specialist, & it was definitely abnormal in the left eye. We ended up on 2 different antibiotic ointments, & cyclosporin drops for the dry eye. One of the ointments did have just a tiny amount of steroid in it to help clear the residual corneal scaring. The specialist felt the amount was so small that it shouldn't affect the Cushing's. Harley's left eye seems to be fine after doing all this over about a 4-5 month period, but he will be on cyclo eye drops for the rest of his life.