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Cheryl, I don't want to criticize your vet, but I don't understand why Barney wasn't tested for dry eye early on. Every time Harley's eye would re-ulcerate, my GP would do the dry eye test, Schrimer's tear test, but it would always come up normal. The specialist repeated the test, & that's when it came up abnormal. You can "google" the name of the test, & see that it's pretty simple to do. They put a small piece of litmus paper, (I think), in the corner of the eye. The paper is graduated in millimeters. They time the migration of tears up the paper strip for a set amount of time, then read how far the tears have traveled. I don't remember what normal range is but on the first abnormal test at the eye vets, Harley's bad eye read something like 5 which is grossly abnormal. She said that it was probably more like 3, but the treatment he had been on had helped a little.