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And you know what? You all are about the only ones who can make me laugh over all this crap!!!!

See, it's your own fault! This is why you have to listen to "As Beth Days Turn" bc I love you all for making even the worst situation more tolerable!!!

Susy, I almost peed myself laughing! Nice save Glynda! And fire up the blender! You have noooooo idea how much I would looooove to do that!

Nat, I don't think he would do anything physical....but therein lies the problem. He is sick...and he loves to torture I really don't know what he is capable of and I don't trust him at all. This isn't about his great love for our son....this is all about power and control and trying to keep me in line and in his life and in his twisted mind, still a part of his life...and he's mad as he** bc I told him off after he laughed at my father at my mom's viewing! This has been going on since that time believe it or not.

Then Bailey bites furnace broke...and I really think Steph should get me on CMT bc my life is like even the saddest country song gone really really bad....

Next step is an eval with a psych who will finally let my son tell his story...and then hopefully he or she will see through my ex (who is very charming when he wants to be...think Ted Bundy and how many people did he fool?)...I am just praying so hard right now that we can get some distance! Mostly for my son bc I do have an order that he can only email me now and is not allowed to call me. So I do have a cushion but I need some space for my son bc he really is going through some "stuff" right now with all of this.

And tonight Bailey did the jumping out of his skin thing three times just now...I wish I knew when it was coming so I could tape it....

Love you all tons!!! Thanks for making me laugh!!!! I can't tell you how much I needed that! Beth, Bailey, always Scoobie and Allo (the catdog)