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Hi there,

Well, I called the vet today and we went. His eye is infected from that cysts on his eyelid. Options are surgery, which is a "no" for me and I'll explain why in a sec. Ointment won't work bc he'd probably bite my hand off trying to give it to him. So, we are going to do warm compresses just trying to keep it as clean as possible and hope we can clear out the gunk.

His knees are also infected with the clogged little tiny sebaceous cysts. So, he is going on a round of antibiotics for 10 days. It will flare-up again eventually and we'll just have to keep hitting it with antibiotics. Surgery would be a short-term solution...maybe. So, that's a "no" too.

Heart sounds good. We talked about the jerking, taser-like activity I have been seeing with more frequency. As we know, without a CT scan or MRI it is impossible to tell what is going on exactly. But I talked to two vets and both agreed it seems like a neuro issue.It's possible the pituitary tumor could be growing slowly (or one knows really)...or it could be something else entirely going on inside his head. I'm not going to scan him just to find out. And I have phenobarb on hand in case of emergency from Scoobie.

My reasoning for all my "nos" is bc he will be 10 at the end of July. He abhors the vet. If there is something, which seems likely, brewing in his head, I don't know how long he has. And as I did with Scoobie, I will do with Bailey....try and keep him happy. Poking and prodding and cutting and all of that would be for me. And that isn't what I want. I want him comfortable and happy and spending his days on the couch or out in the sun....eating cookies and playing with a bone...eating what he wants, sleeping when he wants, playing when he wants...going for another surgery, going for scans, going to be poked and prodded....well, no thanks. At least not now in this stage of the game.

So....right now he is begging for pizza crust (and getting it) and seems content to be back home. He can still enjoy his life, he is still happy...and so I am going to focus on that. I learned we don't know about tomorrow and they only way I am keeping my sanity through these past few months is to focus on today. And that's what I am going to do as much as I can.

Tonight will be belly rubs and kisses....and whatever tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or the day after that, etc. brings, it brings.

That's our update for to all of you!!!
Beth, Bailey, always Scoobie and Allo too!