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OK, let's not forget that Bailey did take a chunk of me!!! Bad boy! The chattering must be his idea of foreplay! LMAO!!

No, no frog kissin' going on over here! I already have my prince actually....and I love him just fine! He is taking me on a cruise in August and treats me very well...I'll have to ask him why he has never chattered his teeth at me...

And no, Sharon gets the credit for the horse's behind, LOL! She caught it before I did this time...I am a bit s-l-o-w these where is HER mind I want to know???

Louise, please don't behave! It isn't like we don't know you aren't crazy like the rest of us! It's too late for that!

I just realized something today....with the old board gone, I can't double check an exact date but I do know it was right around now that Bailey got diagnosed and started treatment so I want to give a shout out to my Big Boy Handsome and say....WE MADE IT!!!!


I am sooooo blessed to still have you!!! Chattering, biting teeth and all!!!!

Love ya!!! BB and Bailey and Allo and always always our Scoobie