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Default Making Your Own Treats

I was going to post this in the Everything Else forum, but after doing a search and finding nothing there, I decided this might be the best place since it does concern treats for a diabetic dog.

I have been spending $18-$20 a package on meat and sweet potato treats and have decided that I can make them a lot cheaper and that the $58.00 Nesco dehydrator that I ordered from Amazon would probably pay for itself pretty quick. If anyone else is doing this, I'd appreciate any hints, advice, suggestions, recipes or anything else that pertains to dehydrating and making treats for your diabetic dog, such as what to use, how thick to cut the different foods, whether to blanch the sweet potatoes, or use raw, what spices are OK to use for seasoning, etc. Our babies may just end up having to share their dehydrated treats with dad.

As always, thanks for the help,

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