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Default Re: Making Your Own Treats

I've been making my own treats for quite a while. I dehydrate lean meats. To date I've used beef heart, lamb's liver, chicken liver and (best of all) chicken breast.

What I do is freeze the meat and then partially defrost it. I then trim off any visible fat (fat will go rancid so you very definitely don't want it) and slice very thinly. Having the meat semi-frozen makes this easy.

I lay it out on very lightly greased cake coolers set on baking trays which I line with baking parchment (to cut down on washing up).

I put it in a fan-forced oven at about 250 degrees F for the first hour and then turn it down to about 120 and leave it overnight to dehydrate. The first hour at 250 gently cooks it and then the rest of the time makes sure it is completely dehydrated.

I use it as training treats but I'd think the chicken in particular could be very good for a diabetic dog. I only ever feed little pieces about the size of my finger nail. The chicken comes out looking a bit like cornflakes and my dogs will just about sell their souls for it.

When my dog Mia was on Baytril, which made her feel quite queasy, she more or less lived on dehydrated beef heart for a week or so with no ill effects. The concentrated flavor seemed to tempt her appetite when nothing else particularly healthy did.

I've never needed to add anything by way of flavoring - the natural flavors in the meat develop concentrate in the cooking/dehydration process.

It is heaps cheaper (and safer) than commercial dehydrated pet treats, IMO.

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