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Default Re: newbie needs some input

Hi Craig,

In my opinion, 3 units was too high of a dose to start with an 8 pound dog - I would have started him on 1 or at most 2 units. I hate to see a dog started on more than 1/4 unit per pound. Even 1/4 unit per pound is often too much.

Are you home with him today?

I think another low blood sugar episode is likely if he was given 3 units and I would feed him another meal to keep that from happening.

If his blood sugar is under 100 tonight at dinner, I wouldn't give him any insulin at all to bring his blood sugar up. Then at breakfast, if his blood sugar is above 200, I would start with 1 unit of insulin and see how he does with that.

You want to find a place where you can give him a consistent amount of insulin and have no low blood sugar even if it's higher than you would like it to be. Once you find that level, you want to wait at least five days for his body to develop a longer term response and then any increases should be in half unit increments at home. Ideally maybe get the syringes with half unit marks and then you can increase in 1/4 unit increments.

Is he eating a normal amount of calories?

Is the eating problem from changing to a prescription food for the diabetes?

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