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Default 9 Yr Old Silly Lab

Scoobs was diagnosed in about two months ago with diabetes as a result of acute pancreatitis. No matter what we tried, childrens locks, bread boxes, gates, Scoobs always cracked the code and stuffed his belly with bread or bread based foods. He's an addict, but unfortunately there is no support group for that issue. His last bout of pancreatitis put him over the edge. Now he's a diabetic. We are struggling to get his BG's down. He started at 8 units if insulin and is now up to 17. The vets put him on w/d food, but he is progressively losing weight. He started at 85lbs and is down to 66. It's heartbreaking. I worry that since they can't get his levels regulated that not only will he soon become blind, but that my worst fear will happen It's heartbreaking. I only want to do what's best for him, but what we're trying isn't working. He basically just poops out the food since his levels are so high. So 60 bucks a bag is just getting displayed around the yard. I really do not like the ingredients in the w/d food. Corn??? Really? I've heard nothing good about giving dogs corn based food. Maybe it works for other pups, but its certainly not working for mine. I'd be more that welcoming of any feedback or suggestions anyone might diet, feeding regimen...anything. I am so concerned that he is wasting away. Thank you all for listening and for this amazing forum. Good luck with all your pups
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