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Arrow Re: 9 Yr Old Silly Lab - REPOSTED HERE

I see other forum members are giving you great ideas and thoughts, and at the moment, I don't have anything else to add, so this is just a welcome message to you and Scoobs!

As others said, do hang in there; you'll get the most WONDERFUL help here! The point about consistency was really important. The more consistent you can be in daily routines - times of feeding, of anything else involving Scoobs - the more easily he wlil adapt, and become at least a little easier to regulate.

Do read the articles on the main site, and I also suggest dipping into other threads, on other dogs, because we can learn so much that way, too. Do keep in mind that every dog is different, but we can still learn from reading other threads.

So, a big, fat welcome to you and Scoobs!

Wed, 15 Dec 2010 18:22:51 (PST)
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