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Default Re: 9 Yr Old Silly Lab - REPOSTED HERE

Again a big thank you to all of you for taking the time to respond to my post

Prior to Scoobs diabetes he was on i/d, due to possible liver issues. They thought he had Cushings, which after numerous tests, he does not. Before that it was another kind of prescription food with initials, for having crystals in his urine... so basically he's been on some form of Royal Canin or Hills for over 2 yrs. Before that it was Blue Buffalo adult large breed. My mutt Marley is on Blue Buffalo and I really like the brand and it's ingredients.

Currently Scoobs is eating 2 cups of the w/d at 8:30 am (he gets his shot at 9) then eats the same amount again at 12:30, 4:30 and again at 8:30 (shot again at 9pm). The problem is he's starving again by midnight, so I'm wondering if I should space the food out even more so he'd have 1 less daytime feeding and one around midnight? Or can he have a small serving of food late night instead of a meal? The goofball yelps until someone gets out of bed to give him some food. I'm starting to think he believes he's a celebrity with all this special attention.

I gave him his 19 units tonight so hopefully it will start to work it's magic.

He's supposed to get a urinealysis tomorrow, because the vet thinks that if he has some sort of infection, then that may be the reason the insulin isn't working. Maybe it will answer some questions???

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