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Default Re: Please help - bad reaction with Trilo - don't know what to do next?

Thanks so much for all your info. First off here are the results that I have:

Endrocrinology test:

Urine Cortisol - 704
Urine Cortisol - Creatinine Ratio - 221.1

I've attached the others as images:

She's not currently on any heart medications.
Currently she's weaning off the prednisone, and we're thinking of trying a lower dosage of Trilo after about a week or so. I have an appt to talk to our vet on Wednesday about it.

So Metacam could be hard on her stomach? I'll have to look into that as well. I just want her to be pain free and comfortable.

Please let me know what the results tell you. I know the cortisol is high.