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Default Caninsulin/Vetsulin

Intervet has updated its website, gotten Vetsulin FDA approved for use in cats, and has changed its Vetsulin dosing instructions for dogs.

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"The dosing guidelines for the use of Vetsulin in dogs have changed. The revised starting dose for dogs (0.5 IU insulin/kg body weight) is based on a review of the average required to maintain adequate control in the original approval as well as current recommendations in current literature. Please see the DOSING AND ADMINISTRATION section of the new PI (Package Insert) for complete dosing information.

Please note that you may receive the older PI with your Vetsulin supply for a period of time until stock is rotated through. Please refer to the PI included in this mailing in the interim."

The last 3 pages of this pdf contain the current Package Insert information.

So now instead of a set formula of X number of units of insulin per kilogram (2.2 lb) of body weight, Vetsulin official dosing instructions are given like starting doses for other insulins.

Anyone new to Vetsulin should be aware of this dosing change.

Canine dosage changes and approval for use in cats were approved March 24, 2008. The pdf at the link above details the reason for the change in canine dosing and the effectiveness studies for use in cats.

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