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Default Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming

They can be more prone to infections with uncontrolled diabetes. I really think its in their genes.

I don't think if you happend to hit the quik of a nail its a problem, as this has happened to Niki at the vet, once when we got in the car I saw her dew claw was bleeding and they applied more of that (skytic powder?) but I have also nipped her on occassion but never got any infection from it.

I can't say Niki has had any real infections in all these years other than her bout with the diarrhea, and the UTI if it was a UTI that just happened a few months ago.

Can you see the quik on Lucys nails or all they are black?
Black ones are the hardest, thats what Niki has, so I more or less have to take her to the vet, cost is $15.00 but its better than fighting her to do it

There is a better pet trimmer out, runs about $60.00 its not like that one on TV maybe in time I will buy one, maybe for "Valentines Day" a gift for myself . Let me know if you need the link to this nail trimmer.
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