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Default Re: New member looking for advice

Just an update re the vestibular disease thing: Bella has now fully recovered after a week and a half.

So if anyone comes across this when their dog is diagnosed with vestibular disease (can't stand, falling to one side, eyes shifting side to side, nausea) it is very scary but everything I've heard says it takes a week or two but they make a full recovery almost 100% of the time, and it rarely happens again.

The tricky part with diabetes was the nausea, as she wouldn't eat at all for a couple days. We did end up giving her a 1/4 dose of insulin even without food (not recommended by vet but Bella is very insulin resistant so I knew it'd be okay). Also gave her 25mg/day meclizine (same as human dramamine non-drowsy) at the height of the nausea. After a couple days she started eating boiled chicken and such. Took a few more days to get her back on kibble, but now she's back to scarfing that down and exercising as normal.

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