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Thanks for your notes all. It is unnerving that so much time can have passed already.

I was just talking about him this morning to someone who really wants a large, active breed of dog but who is never home.

I was telling him how Chris seemed like the last dog who would be hopelessly depressed being left with a pet sitter while we went on a two-week vacation. But there he was so sad and pathetic when we got back (he was young then, two or three years old) that it took him most of a week to recover! We promised him that day that we would never leave him behind again and we never did.

That and the story of Jack's back and reactive issues, which severely limit how much we can travel, were meant to hopefully convey the reality that adopting a dog or even buying one is a lot like having kids... you have all kinds of expectations about what they will be like and what you will be able to do together. We thought Jack would be able to go on long hikes and travel around the country... But even if you select very carefully, you don't know what exactly you will get and you need to be able to love that dog and meet his or her needs regardless.

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