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Default Re: AlphaTrak Meter and Freestyle Lite Strips - THEY WORK!

Well, I may have opened a can of worms, but I sent an email to Abbott...

I currently use the AlphaTrak Glucose Meter for my diabetic dog. I have read on various canine diabetes forums that the Freestyle Lite Test Strips work with the AlphaTrak. I got a sample of the Freestyle Lite strips in the mail and they do work. What is the difference between the AlphaTrak strips and the Freestyle Lite strips? Thank you.
Here was the reply from Abbott...

You may be able to get FreeStyle - and other meter strips - to give you readings but the AlphaTRAK is not calibrated for those strips so accuracy is in question. With every production run of strips, we run calibration evaluations to identify which code will provide the best results for that lot of strips. These codes are then noted on the strip vial. With human strips, there are no such trials or codes.

Dale R Evans, DVM
Manager Technical Support Services Abbott Animal Health
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Bellingham, WA 98225 Office 360-715-0682
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I have done quite a few side-by-side tests and I do find that when using the Freestyle Lite test strips, the results are 30-40 points higher than when using the AlphaTrak test strips. But then, maybe the AlphaTrak reads low.

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