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Old 04-29-2009, 10:59 PM
Truffa's Mom's Avatar
Truffa's Mom Truffa's Mom is offline
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Post Re: Hello All!

Hello pretty woman, I am with you 100%.

There is no better medicine than belly rubs and kisses, and if antibiotics and other meds can be hidden into succulent pizzas, that's perfect too.

Enjoy your Bailey. We will be praying for more wonderful days.

Luv ya.

Marcela & The Choco Labs
Old 05-10-2009, 02:04 PM
fivebichons fivebichons is offline
Junior Member
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi Beth,

Long time no see! I'm glad you were able to get away for a bit though! Okay, who is Allo? Is this a trick question? I've seen it asked a few times now. "IT" has paws, so that is a good thing. lol NO offense guys, but I see more and more women my age staying single these days. All the good guys are taken.

Sorry to hear that Bailey Boy has lost his appetite. Marco has as well and he normally licks his bowl clean! He was always the healthy one.

I'll keep checking back in as I'm getting used to the new format (right before we go back to cc net). lol I'm so confused.

I miss everybody!

Heidi and the lonely two bichons
Old 05-12-2009, 07:20 PM
forscooter's Avatar
forscooter forscooter is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi all....

I need help/advice/thoughts....not sure if anyone can help me bc it was another weird one but I thought I'd throw it out there....

Bailey was giving kisses tonight, just a bit ago. He is not a kisser. Anyway, he licked my hand twice....after each time, his teeth started to chatter and his lips were quivering. He got this look on his face, hard to describe, I don't know if he was just freaked out. Anyway, I grabbed his face in my hands and gently cradled his mouth and it stopped. Then the whole thing repeated the second time.

I don't think I have anything weird on my hands....I wash and all....

it has me a bit freaked out bc I don't know if it could be a neuro thing....like he was doing something repetitive and so it triggered something...or what the heck that was...but he eats and drinks and that's repetitive motion so???

I'm sorry I've been so scarce...the past holiday was particularly hard and I am entering a time of a run of dates that is just triggering some sadness and am trying to cope with that...

I'm terrified something really serious is going on with Bailey and although I don't want to go to extreme measures to treat him, I'm also terrified of something happening to him now...we just made our two year Cushing's mark...

Any thoughts? Am I being paranoid? Overly sensitive? Ridiculous?

Sigh.....Beth, Bailey and always Scoobie
Old 05-12-2009, 07:47 PM
AlisonandMia AlisonandMia is offline
Interim CC
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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Default Re: Hello All!

Just had a think about this and it rang a little bell with me - and I did some Googling and I think you can relax!

Smell - Pheromones

* Dogs use pheromones (chemical substances secreted in urine, feces, & glandular secretions) as part of their communications system.

* Reception of pheromones appears to take place in an accessory olfactory organ called the Vermonasal Organ (or Organ of Jacobson).

* The Flehmen Response or Tonguing (where dog salivates & teeth chatters) may facilitate this. This response is common after a male “investigates” a female's urine.
It is from here (just under 1/2 the way down):

I think you must have had a trace of something "interesting" on your hand - maybe a perfume even as these do sometimes contain pheromones or something chemically close enough to a pheromone to trigger this response. It could well be something that you would be completely unable to detect.

Old 05-12-2009, 08:02 PM
Carol G Carol G is offline
Junior Member
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Default Re: Hello All!

* The Flehmen Response or Tonguing (where dog salivates & teeth chatters) may facilitate this. This response is common after a male “investigates” a female's urine.

That is exactly what I thought of when I read about Bailey's "weird one" -- many years ago I asked my vet about it because I thought the dog was having seizures or something. I think the vet said another dog's urine (not even specifying a female's urine). I don't think I've ever seen a female dog do the teeth chattering though. It might even have something to do with your cat.

Carol, Winnie (always), McGill & Atty Cat
Old 05-12-2009, 08:20 PM
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BestBuddy BestBuddy is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Beth I think he's just telling you he loves you. I haven't seen dogs do the lip quiver/teeth chattering thing but my male horse does it every time he smelt the lady horses rear end.
Old 05-13-2009, 03:21 AM
forscooter's Avatar
forscooter forscooter is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

WOW! Really? OMG, I hope you all know I do wash after I use the bathroom, !
I've never heard of that but it does sound like that....and I thought of Allo first too (after I thought, Hey, I wash my hands! LOL!).

Allo is constantly rubbing my hands, my legs, my face....I guess he needs to make sure I am thoroughly marked as his! Or, I maybe missed a spot on my hands ....but OMG, you just made me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER!!!! Or yes, maybe it came from one of the packages I opened or who knows where....and he is alllllll nose. And if it's bc he loves me that much, I'll let him chatter away.....

See, I can always count on you all! Thanks so much!!! I thought "seizure" too...I am just so super-sensitive anymore!

THANKS A WHOLE BIG HUGE BUNCH!!!!!! Beth, Bailey and always Scoobie
Old 05-13-2009, 07:45 AM
Squirt's Mom's Avatar
Squirt's Mom Squirt's Mom is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hey Beth,

Squirt does that chattering thing sometimes, too, and it is after licking or smelling something every time. The first time I saw it, I freaked out and called the vet. This was years before the cush diagnosis, too. He told me what others have said here; smells affect them differently and to get a real good scent they use not only their nose but their mouths as well, sort of tasting the smell if you will. The lip quivering and mouth movements are their way of truly assimilating that interesting smell. So, I choose to believe that is what Bailey is doing....just taking in all your interesting smells so he can hold them close in his heart and mind.

Leslie and the girls
Old 05-14-2009, 04:53 PM
ventilate's Avatar
ventilate ventilate is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Interesting, Hi Beth; I am still wondering why you didnt comment on Jenny calling you a horses rear end
male horse does it every time he smelt the lady horses rear end.
Ahh I can always count on you guys for a laugh. Beth I know this past weekend was tough for you, just know we are here for you.
luv ya
Old 05-14-2009, 07:14 PM
forscooter's Avatar
forscooter forscooter is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Leslie...you mean I smell so much, one can taste it???

And Sharon, I think Jenny got me confused with the ex when she called me a horse's a**!!! At least I hope that's what she was thinking! And thank you....it was very hard...we closed on the house today so it's been a hard week...with more dates to come....so I've been a bit scarce wrapped up in my head...but I know you understand...

So, I think I will slink off to bed now trying to see if I can taste my smell and say my prayers that my prince will turn me into something other than an a**! And not a frog either...

Love ya! I don't know how to sign my name now...does all this make me Bailey's B(you know the name for a female dog I can't type here)????

Beth, Bailey and always Scoobie

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