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Old 04-28-2009, 04:31 AM
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi Beth,

Just getting caught up. Sorry you and your son have to deal with this. Sending prayers and positive thoughts that everythings works out for you and your son.

Bailey is barely eating these days
Could it be from the crazy hot weather we're having now? Hugs to you.

Lynne and Angel Lady 7/98-3/09 Forever in my heart
Old 04-28-2009, 08:05 AM
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hey! Can I use my sword in this new show?! I'd be a swash-buckling fool til I landed on the floor, then it would become a country-comedy 'cuz I'd keep on swooshing...swoosh!!! swoosh!!! trying my best to chop that POS into bite sized pieces to be donated to the local zoo!

I don't like hearing that Bailey isn't eating, Beth. That just bothers me. I guess because when Squirt won't eat, something is bad wrong with her. She just doesn't turn down food! I want all our babies to have healthy appetites and enjoy their meals and when one isn't, that is worrisome. Has anything changed for him that might be effecting his appetite? Is this new for him or something he does from time to time? If he is just being a horse's patoot because he isn't getting his people food, you might try sprinkling a little stinky cheese (Parmesan) on his regular food. I have to do that with Goldie at times because she is so picky about her food; the stinky cheese makes her think it's new I guess.

You are in my prayers and thoughts (plus I keep my sword close at hand! ),
Leslie and the girls
Old 04-28-2009, 05:11 PM
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forscooter forscooter is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Thanks, Lynne! I am thinking of you all the time!! How are you doing???

And Leslie, put down that sword (unless you are coming up here with it!)

And sure enough, a bit after I posted last night, Bailey gobbled up his food and about an hour later, right after I gave the Lysodren....up it alllllll came! He did this choking noise, not the "usual" pre-vomiting noise he usually makes (which the whole neighborhood can here....is this TMI???) Anyway, he did not look well but not low so I rubbed his belly and tucked him in for the night. Seems a little better today. But no more Lysodren until I know for sure that whatever it is is over.

I'm not sure if it is my pessimistic attitude I seemed to have developed over the course of the last 18 months, or there is something amiss with him. He is just having periods of "weird".

I forgot to mention the other day, I took him for a walk. Usually, he loves people...any people...and will try to sniff and drool all over them. Not this weekend. He saw them, and then does his thing like he does when he sees another dog.....hides behind ME! He started pulling back, wanting to turn around, he was scared. I was shocked. I coaxed him along and he walked by them very fast without looking at them at all.

Then, a few weeks ago, he got in the part of the yard with the pool equipment and he knows darn well that he can't get out the way he was trying. Twice I had to walk around and talk him out of the spot he was in.

His elbows are getting swollen again, his eye is all goopy and I HAVE to call the vet tomorrow and make an appointment to get him in to get all this checked and his nails cut. Oh, and he is starting to get a tiny area of white nose crust. Scoobie had that but worse a few weeks before he died. What is that anyway? Does anyone know?

I don't know what to think. Most of the time he seems fine, just tired and old and lazy...but then this weird stuff happens and I think, UH OH....a touch of dementia? Is the tumor enlarging? Is the Cushing's progressing in other ways? And that jerking thing....that's why I am wondering if it isn't neuro somehow...

I can't even think about it too much bc I am not going "THERE" anytime soon again that's for sure!!! I think I will lose my mind completely! Speaking of which, I can't seem to remember where I left it!

Love ya! Beth, Bailey, always Scoobie and I can't forget Allo (he gets upset about stuff like that!)
Old 04-28-2009, 05:35 PM
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LuvMyMunchie LuvMyMunchie is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!


Ahhhhhhhhh (that's a big sigh), sorry to hear there's "more stuff" going on in your life again. I know you don't need or want this....but it looks like Bailey is gonna give it to ya' anyway! Poor guy sounds like he's just not doing so well at the moment. Hope your vet will be able to sort all this out.

Yes, you must not forget Allo....he may get his paws on your blender and make himself a Betharita!!!

Take care, my friend!

Old 04-28-2009, 05:58 PM
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Dollydog Dollydog is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi Beth,
I'm sorry to hear of these new things with Bailey. Lady is now afraid of the vacuum cleaner which she used to attack. She tried to catch the mop yesterday so that is still normal.
She usually wags her tail and jumps up on people but she is more leery of people now to the point where she growled very, very low at one woman who was approaching us. There was another woman who she wouldn't have anything to do with....just after she had welcomed a woman she'd never met.
These little things certainly can be stressful as I never quite know what to expect.
Take care,
Jo-Ann & Lady
Old 04-29-2009, 02:48 PM
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forscooter forscooter is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi there,

Well, I called the vet today and we went. His eye is infected from that cysts on his eyelid. Options are surgery, which is a "no" for me and I'll explain why in a sec. Ointment won't work bc he'd probably bite my hand off trying to give it to him. So, we are going to do warm compresses just trying to keep it as clean as possible and hope we can clear out the gunk.

His knees are also infected with the clogged little tiny sebaceous cysts. So, he is going on a round of antibiotics for 10 days. It will flare-up again eventually and we'll just have to keep hitting it with antibiotics. Surgery would be a short-term solution...maybe. So, that's a "no" too.

Heart sounds good. We talked about the jerking, taser-like activity I have been seeing with more frequency. As we know, without a CT scan or MRI it is impossible to tell what is going on exactly. But I talked to two vets and both agreed it seems like a neuro issue.It's possible the pituitary tumor could be growing slowly (or quickly...no one knows really)...or it could be something else entirely going on inside his head. I'm not going to scan him just to find out. And I have phenobarb on hand in case of emergency from Scoobie.

My reasoning for all my "nos" is bc he will be 10 at the end of July. He abhors the vet. If there is something, which seems likely, brewing in his head, I don't know how long he has. And as I did with Scoobie, I will do with Bailey....try and keep him happy. Poking and prodding and cutting and all of that would be for me. And that isn't what I want. I want him comfortable and happy and spending his days on the couch or out in the sun....eating cookies and playing with a bone...eating what he wants, sleeping when he wants, playing when he wants...going for another surgery, going for scans, going to be poked and prodded....well, no thanks. At least not now in this stage of the game.

So....right now he is begging for pizza crust (and getting it) and seems content to be back home. He can still enjoy his life, he is still happy...and so I am going to focus on that. I learned we don't know about tomorrow and they only way I am keeping my sanity through these past few months is to focus on today. And that's what I am going to do as much as I can.

Tonight will be belly rubs and kisses....and whatever tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or the day after that, etc. brings, it brings.

That's our update for now...love to all of you!!!
Beth, Bailey, always Scoobie and Allo too!
Old 04-29-2009, 04:51 PM
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Dollydog Dollydog is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi Beth,
Sounds like you're on the right track for Bailey...that's what we're doing here.... keeping Lady comfortable and enjoying whatever life is left to her. She still enjoys her food and us and her yard! She's also getting a few more pieces of lettuce in a day than she used to get!!
Have a peaceful night,
Jo-Ann & Lady
Old 04-29-2009, 05:03 PM
ventilate's Avatar
ventilate ventilate is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

You know I totally agree with what you are doing and not doing with your pup, I think Jo-Ann, you and I are on the same wavelength with comfort at this stage of our dogs lives being the most important, what is best for them and not necessarily best for us
I also wanted to comment on your choice of comparing your POS Ted Bundy to funny My only saving grace is my exhubbie cant cross the US/Canada border as he has to many felonies against him
Hope your interviews go well and I am sure the Doc will see right through him, that is their job and I am sure they have seen the crap he will try to dish out before.
Good luck and know my heart is with you
luv ya
Sharon. Nike and DS ( still Demon spawn hasnt proven himself long enough yet to go back to Kenai)
Old 04-29-2009, 05:05 PM
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Buffaloe Buffaloe is offline
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Default Re: Hello All!

Hi Beth,

I agree with your game plan 100%. Be completely thankful for every precious day with Bailey and just enjoy him. I feel the same way about Shiloh. If she needs a little Proin for incontinence or a round of antibiotics, fine. But if it came to something major, another surgery or something, I'm pretty sure we would pass. Take good care of yourself.

Ken and Shi
Old 04-29-2009, 09:33 PM
barney's mom barney's mom is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Default Re: Hello All!

I whole heartedly agree with how you are treating Bailey.
Belly rubs, kisses, pizza crust and naps on the couch really sound appealling.
PM your addy, I am loading the dogs in the car!

Barney and Cheryl

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