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Old 01-19-2012, 11:31 AM
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Arrow Missing Dogs - great info on how to search

Yesterday one of my neighbor's cocker spaniels went missing, around noon. I didn't become aware of it till evening. Camellia was quite barky yesterday afternoon; well, she hasn't had a walk in three days; I avoid the snowy-icy roads. And Camellia barks at any action she perceives along the road.

But then shortly after eight last night, I distinctly saw signs somebody was looking for a dog - bright flashlight (from the several tall windows by my computer), casting light around. I thought, so, dog has run up here; walker trying to locate the dog.

But not long after, I received one of our local community email notices; a dog had gone missing. Apparently, since noon. A picture was included with the notice.

For years I've been aware of a person in the Seattle area who tracks and usually FINDS lost dogs (sometimes cats, too). I shut Camellia in for the night, went to bed, and first thing this morning, went to look up the info on searching for lost dogs.

Here it is:


This is good stuff, friends - excellent track record.

Of course, we also hope you have tags on your dog that say the dog is diabetic and needs insulin, as well as giving your contact information.

I sent that link to my neighbor, along with a more local one less likely to have truly detailed and great information.

And thank goodness, it turned out, the dog arrived home shortly before one this morning. Clearly had found his own way home. My neighbor said he was a big snowball, and very, very tired and hungry.

How curious; I had awakened, after several hours of sleep, minutes after the dog arrived home.

And I very rarely actually block the dog-door at night, since Camellia can't get out of our small yard, but last night, I did block it, so Camellia wouldn't stay out in the cold while I slept.

A second community notice went out this morning, reporting the dog had come home. Whew! This was a very shy dog, and would have been difficult to find.

I suggest reading the site I pointed you to, and perhaps saving the link, especially for people in the U.S. Pacific Northwest - but I happen also to be aware that Kit Albrecht, the Pet Detective, will fly to different locations, to serve.

Of course, that would be massively expensive. Let's hope more people learn how to keep their dogs safe, and more learn how to search for lost dogs!
Thu, 19 Jan 2012 10:31:15 (PST)
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Old 01-19-2012, 12:34 PM
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Default Re: Missing Dogs - great info on how to search

a community notice on lost dogs you must live in shangrila carrol what a great place to be

thanks for the link very appreciated jesse escaped from us early in her life and fortunate to find her i lost her another time in the poppy fields and did not know what direction to go i looked above my head and saw a raven so i said those guys are very curious i will follow him i had nothing to loose. if he wasn't there i was going to go in the opposite direction . he took me wright to jesse
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Old 01-19-2012, 05:48 PM
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Arrow Re: Missing Dogs - great info on how to search

Yes indeedy, Jesse girl, I do live in a wonderful place. A very varied group of people live here in what was once the boonies, but it's developing fast; where once there were only four houses in my area, there are now well over 100, mostly on fairly large lots, varying from one acre and up.

When I first moved here, I could let my dog run loose, but soon that changed, and anyway, it's not a good idea to let a dog run loose - cougar, bear, raccoons, mink, and so forth use to abound around here, and we still have those animals; they've just retreated a bit up into the surrounding hills and forests.

In a place like this, the lessons I learned as a child, growing up in a rather similar, rural area, "Love thy neighbor,' are invaluable. We don't have to agree about ANYTHING, really, just help each other out in difficult times.

Here, we're extremely fortunate to have a very dedicated volunteer, who has performed all kinds of community services over the last couple of decades and more; and I, too, have done my share in the past, but have essentially retired to my home, and now do most everything from the computer. Well, this neighbor accepts email addresses from anyone who wants community notices, then takes in the notices sent her, and sends them out using the Bcc feature, so the addresses don't get broadcast.

It's a very wonderful service!

You seem to have a wonderful sense of things; thinking to look up and follow a raven was a great idea, and obviously, it paid off well! Noticing what is around us - what, in nature, can give us useful clues, is great!

Thanks so much for your post!
Big hugs, and a big approving wave from Camellia's Magic Wand,
Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:48:06 (PST)
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Old 01-24-2012, 12:06 PM
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Default Re: Missing Dogs - great info on how to search

Hi....people in our area post lost and found pets on our Bargain Shop Facebook Page....it's a great service and can be a great help to those looking for pets.
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