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Old 04-13-2009, 01:11 PM
Kwiggles Kwiggles is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Default Kwiggles' Joe has passed

Thank you, thank you Natalie for making room for us on this site!

I just started my dog Joe on Lysodren loading yesterday and came online looking for a little moral support and eeek! - no caninecushings.com.

So far Joe is doing fine, no adverse reactions to the drug, still eating, drinking & peeing & me looking on nervously, waiting for 'the sign' of when to stop.

Such a relief to know I have a place to come where people understand...

Thanks again & fingers crossed that the website is soon up & running again.

Karen & Joe

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Old 04-13-2009, 01:48 PM
ventilate's Avatar
ventilate ventilate is offline
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Default Re: Kwiggles

glad you'er here. Good luck with the loading, just be sure you watch closely. you want to watch for anything that makes you go "hummm" makes you think thats odd or Humm I wonder if that means anything. It usually does. you know your dog best and if you notice anything out of the ordinary ( whatever that means for a cush dog) stop the lysodren and get a stim. it may be just not snapping for a cookie but taking it gently, or stopping while eating and looking around instead of being head down butt up till its gone.
How much does your dog weigh and how much lysodren are you giving? what tests were done to confirm Cushings?
Old 04-13-2009, 01:51 PM
gpgscott's Avatar
gpgscott gpgscott is offline
Interim CC
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hi Karen, and welcome to you and Joe.

Please let us comment on the dosing, would you post Joe's wt. the dose, and would you tell us what symptoms and tests led to the diagnosis.

Best to you both. Scott
Old 04-13-2009, 02:13 PM
Squirt's Mom's Avatar
Squirt's Mom Squirt's Mom is offline
Senior Member
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Location: Bauxite, AR
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hi Karen,

So good to see that you and Joe found us here! Since we don't have all our info from cc.net, could you fill us in on the pariculars again....weight, dose, schedule, etc?

Hang in there and you will do just fine. Just remember if you see anything that makes you go "hummmmm", he may be loaded. Something as simple as looking up from his bowl for a second where before he would gulp it all down.

We are here so don't hesitate to ask any questions, especially if you have doubts.

Leslie and the girls
Old 04-13-2009, 06:17 PM
LuvMyMunchie's Avatar
LuvMyMunchie LuvMyMunchie is offline
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hi Karen,

Haven't got anything to add but I do have a question.....is this Joe Cocker????

If it is, glad you found us and good luck with the Lysodren loading. If not, the same applies!

Old 04-13-2009, 07:40 PM
mytil mytil is offline
Interim CC
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hi Karen,

Sure am glad you found us here - as Scott mentioned, please give the amount of Lysodren you are giving and the weight of your pup?

Were you able to download from the other site Lysodren loading instructions?

The signs can be subtle, such a slight pause when eating, like taking a second to look up at you. Anything that may make you go hhmmmm.

Also, watch out for diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy. Did your vet give you any prednisone just in case the cortisol levels fall too low.

Please keep us posted as you go through this and if you have any questions, please ask.

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Old 04-13-2009, 10:49 PM
Lulusmom's Avatar
Lulusmom Lulusmom is offline
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

In case you haven't noticed yet, acushdogsmom has posted a sticky entitled "Lysodren Loading Instructions and related tips". I highly recommend that you print a copy and keep it handy while loading Joe. I've loaded about, now let me see, I think five times and you should see my copy of that handy reference material. You wouldn't want to touch it without gloves.

Old 04-14-2009, 02:58 AM
mytil mytil is offline
Interim CC
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Yes, as Glynda mentioned, we now have this attachment available so print it out.

Continue to keep us posted
Old 04-14-2009, 11:35 AM
Kwiggles Kwiggles is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 34
Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hello again all!

Yes, this is Joe Cocker I'm talking about- I had a very lengthy (only slightly shorter than War & Peace) post on the Cushings website with all the details of his diagnosis and treatment plan. Let's see if I can summarize it:

Joe has been showing Cushings symptoms for several months, starting with frequent urination (large volumes), excessive water drinking & hair thinning/loss.

On 12/30/08 he had ACTH stimulation test, results were:
pre 8.4 ug/dL
post 34.9 ug/dL

To diifferentiate PDH from adrenal, on 1/06/09 he had high dose Dexamethasone test, results were:

pre 8.7 ug/dL
4 hr post 4.4 ug/dL
8 hr post 6.8 ug/dL

This was a bit borderline so my vet suspected possible adrenal tumor. He did chest & abdominal x-ray and saw no neoplasia so we proceeded to endogenous ACTH test on 2/16/09. Results were: 48.5 pg/mL

I took Joe to Cornell Animal Hospital on 3/27/09 for abdominal ultrasound with hopes to get a good look at his adrenals. The ultrasonographer was able to visualize clearly the left adrenal and said it was 'slightly enlarged' but no tumor present. The right adrenal was obscured by a loop of bowel so could not be measured or fully visualized but the portion she could see 'appeared to be mineralized', suggesting a tumor.

My vet and I decided to proceed with Lysodren therapy to give Joe some relief from his symptoms with plans to continue in future to attempt to visualize the adrenals, by re-check ultrasound or maybe CAT scan or MRI.

For the Lysodren loading: Joe is 30 lbs and my vet had me give him 500 mg per day (divided into 2 doses per day: 250 AM and 250 PM), starting on Sunday 4/12. I think this dose is slightly on the low side of the range. (?)

For the 2 days prior to starting loading, I measured his water intake and it was 3000 mL on Friday and 2900 mL Saturday. Since starting loading, he drank 3200 mL on Sunday and 2600 yesterday (Monday).

His appetite has remained voracious, he just Hoovers up his meal without hesitation.

So far, so good- he seems to be feeling okay and tolerating the treatment well and I am keeping an eagle eye on him so I won't miss 'the sign'.

If I've left out anything, just ask and I'll see if I can find it (My 'Joe' folder is bulging with paperwork...).

Thanks again everybody for your good wishes and support.

Karen & Joe
Old 04-14-2009, 02:51 PM
Wylie's Mom's Avatar
Wylie's Mom Wylie's Mom is offline
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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hi Karen,

You are doing a great job! It looks like the dose is 36.67 mg/kg/day. If there are no other signs beforehand and if my calculations are correct, according to the Lysodren instructions, you should stop the Lysodren if Joe's water consumption gets to 818mL per day (60 ml/kg/day). You might want to stop before it gets that low because Lysodren continues to work for about 48 hours after dosing and I don't know if they took that into consideration. Others may have a different opinion on this. You may get some other sign before this happens anyway.

Since it is a low dose, did you & your vet have a preset time to stop and test if no signs are seen?

Also, did your vet give you some prednisone (for the dog, not you) in case of overloading? Might not have to use it, but it's better to be prepared just in case.

Best of luck to you!


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