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Old 09-11-2014, 01:04 PM
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Default IMOM is closing as a vet expense funder, reoganizing

From an email letter... IMOM has been one of a very few organizations available to cover veterinary bills for pets.

Open letter from Jacki Hadra – Founder of IMOM.org

September 4, 2014

Please accept this letter as an official announcement of the temporary closure of IMOM. This is by no means the end of our work. We need to take some time to re-organize and begin phase two of IMOM.

Monthly donations

All monthly donations have been suspended EXCEPT those donations that are used for our sponsor pets. There will be no changes that involve those pets and we appreciate your continued support.

Some donations I am unable to suspend will have to be suspended by the individual donor. Those are as follow:
1. Monthly donations sent in the mail for use in the General Fund.
2. Monthly donations to the General Fund set up through PayPal.

I am hopeful that when we re-open you will allow me to begin your recurring donations once again.
If anyone wants to continue their monthly donations during this transition period please let me know as we still have operating expenses. You may send an email to treasurer@imom.org concerning any questions about your monthly/recurring donations.
Why re-organize?

Very simply stated – we do not have sufficient volunteer staff. When we have tried to recruit new people no one comes forward. Those of us who are still here are exhausted and could have chosen to dissolve the corporation and walk away. Instead of walking away I decided to lead IMOM in a different direction and help animals in different way. Those volunteers who are presently with IMOM have decided to stay on and continue to phase two of IMOM.

Where will our future take us?

Our volunteers have already begun collaboration on some of the ideas we have been discussing. We have to base our work on the number of volunteers we have available. We are leaning very much towards a spay/neuter program and working more closely to help our animal friends in rescue.

Stay in touch

Please continue to follow us on FaceBook and visit our community.

Another organization like IMOM?

If anyone is interested in starting an organization like IMOM I am more than happy to work with you to help you get started.
You may send me an email and include your phone number and time zone. Send your email to helpingpets@imom.org. Please only write if you are serious and dedicated enough to see it through. I won’t tell you it’s easy because it is far from that.

Thank you!

IMOM would not have had 16 successful years if not for our volunteers and those who have steadfastly supported our work.
I feel very fortunate that IMOM had the opportunity to help 4952 pets over these past 16 years. And this was just phase one of IMOM. I can’t wait to introduce you all to phase two.

For the animals,
Jacki and Magic

PO Box 181
Pennsville, New Jersey 08070
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