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Old 08-09-2010, 09:06 PM
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Default Re: Patty's Ali

Well I just typed a very long post and hit the backspace button and it took me back a page so I lost it...grrr. Will try again.

Moving update:

We've had some major roller coaster numbers and some ok numbers. Ranging from 120s to 400s. Did I mention moving with a wobby diabetic dog that requires a fridge/freezer for food is NOT fun ?

Hubby's truck broke down in OH - needed a new water pump. But Linda, that guardian angel must have guided us, because we were in the right place at the right time and back on the road in a few hours.

We are visiting family now. They had a big party for us on Sunday. Ali actually stayed level in the 190s all day but then spiked that night. I kept her on the leash next to me most of the day. She got tons of love but I kept her leashed to avoid the food the kids dropped. After the party she managed to find a potato chip sliver outside that I'd missed. But I was able to grab it out of her mouth before it disappeared.

Joan, you were looking for tips for your upcoming travel with the pugs. I set up a "box" of Ali's most used things for mealtimes and testing. It's been a godsend. I lived with it for a week before we left to be sure it would work for me. Here's a pic:

It's got her vitamins, measuring spoons for cranberry powder, etc. A light stick for when it gets dark, an alarm clock, her lancets (I used a baby food container for them). Oh, I also used an empty individual Simply Orange juice container for sharps. Then her test kit sits in the carry case on top:

You can see it here and her journal is in the pocket in front of the box.

I am praying for her vision. It's always a worry for me when she bounces around like this. And it's such a challenge to keep her stable with so much going on. She is loving having family around though. It's like a pinball watching her go from person to person to be petted. Such a mooch.

I was trying to catch up reading about everyone on the board today while I had internet. Hope all are well. We should be here about a week before heading out to find a house. It will be so nice once we are finally settled.
Take care,

Oh, did I mention my mom has cats?? Ali loves to chase. If the cats didn't run she wouldn't know what to do. But they run from her so she chases them into hiding. I just scolded her for this tonight. Does not help the blood sugar or the poor cats' disposition.
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Old 07-31-2011, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: Mindy

We took Chris on a long road trip in 2008 and in his case we mixed up his special concoction of canned food and cottage cheese at the side of the road and filled his insulin based on a blood sugar test. He was really mellow that way so it worked fine for us.

We wrote a blog post a while back about how we accomplished our trip:


But you can absolutely prefill a syringe. You just have to remix the insulin inside the syringe before injecting it.

Probably makes sense to bring some alternative food sources just to help relieve your stress.

And if you prefill syringes, you might fill one for "refuses to eat" and one for eating a decent meal.
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