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Ketoacidosis is a potentially deadly complication of high blood sugar. If ketones levels are anythjing more than mild, it is a medical emergency and must be treated by a capable veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Because it is a complex condition and potentially a medical emergency, we provide links to more authoritative sources on diagnosing and treating it.

Please review the following sources and print them, if possible, to take with you to the veterinarian. Not all veterinarians are familiar with treatment for ketoacidosis. Acting quickly and finding a capable veterinarian can save your dog's life.

Dogs with Diabetes Wiki: ketones and Ketoacidosis  Ketoacidosis Treatment

Veterinary Endocrinology Blog:  Treating  Ketoacidosis with Analog Insulins

Upstate Animal Medical Center (New York):  Treating  Ketoacidosis

NAVC Clinician's Brief: Ketoacidosis diagnostic/treatment tree (member login required)

You can test for ketones at home using Ketostix or Ketodiastix. These can be purchased via online and local pharmacies. If a pharmacy doesn't have them in stock, ask them to order them for you. They often can be received in 24 hours.

Sample Online of Ketodiastix to test for ketones and glucose


Chris being tested

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